De-ACT kills 99.99% of germs in under 5 seconds. Please read and follow the user guide to ensure safe and optimum performance from your UVC steriliser.


How to use

De-Act has a 2-step child-safe power on switch. Main power has to be turned on first before the UVC can be turned on.

To turn the power on

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds.

To turn power off

Press the button twice.

To switch the UVC on

Press the button once.

To switch the UVC off

Press the button once.

To charge the battery

Connect DeACT to the USB cable then press the button once to see the charging status.
CHA = Charging
FUL = Fully charged

To check battery level

Press and hold the button when power is turned on.

Sterilise surfaces

With the UVC switched on, for most effective sterilisation, hold DeACT 5cm above the surface then sweep across surfaces in slow motion 3 times.

Auto-off safety settings

DeACT is built-in with two auto-off safety settings:

1. UVC auto-off after 100 seconds.
2. Main power auto-off after UVC is off for 32 seconds.


To keep DeACT working optimally, it is recommended that dust is brushed off the UVC regularly. Make sure the main power is off, then brush dust off using the cleaning brush provided.